Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hello out there!

I don't know whether I still have any readers left after such a long blogger hiatus, but I thought I would post a little update, and let you know of some changes that are happening.

When I fist started blogging all those years ago I had no idea of the changes in store for Andre and I. This blog has been with us through all of them, and I am so incredibly grateful to everyone that followed us on our journey. Don't worry there is nothing drastic going on in our lives, but there are some big blog changes on the horizon.

When we got pregnant with Emilie we started a more public blog, something we could share with our friends and family, Our Little One. Over the last 3+ years I have struggled with the two blogs. With this blog I often felt like there was nothing "exciting" to blog about. With the other public blog I struggled with not enough to blog about since it was just a blog about Emilie. I found myself between a blog and a hard place so to speak.

Which lead me to one of my New Years Resolutions: Blog more!

How do I blog more if I don't know where to blog, and what to blog about? The short answer? Change.

This meant that I needed to combine my blogs, combine my blogging "lives" as it was. The easiest answer seemed to be to add some of what I would normally blog here, to my other blog. So my "new" blog My Life...or something like it was born. It will be the new home for my life with Andre, Emilie, and everything else.

I have decided to keep this blog open. There are still people out there that find my blog entries when doing online searches and I don't want to take this blog away if someone out there finds something I wrote useful to them.

Hopefully one day we will be in a place to add to our family and this will once again become a home for me, but until then I don't think I will be adding any more new posts.

If you are interested in following what is going on with my life head on over to my new home.

My Life...or something like it

I hope to see you there.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Winter 2012 (and 2013)

Now winter was long and cold here in Canada. I know it's suppose to be cold here, but the last few years have been positively spring like, so it was kind of a shock to the system this year.

We started out December with the annual Breakfast with Santa at my church. We had a great morning, and Emilie was soooo good for Santa (and Olive the Reindeer).

Little did we know that Emilie was coming down with the dreaded stomach bug that almost everyone I know came down with that same December. That morning was the last time she was happy for about two weeks. It was a very rough month.

We started what I hope to be a Christmas Tradition with the arrival of Emilie's own Elf on a Shelf. Emilie loves babies, so she named him "Baby"

Our 21 month picture was delayed for her to get over the stomach bug, but then she came down with a fever that day. She was a trooper for her hair cut that morning though!
 Finally after what seemed like forever she was better! And back to her old tricks being silly and trying to bug her Papa while he tried to read the newspaper.

Finally it was Christmas! Santa arrived, and left Emilie a Fisher Price Farm. She loved it, and still loves to play with all the animals.

We even managed to get a picture of Mama and Emilie. She was one pooped little girl after all the Christmas Festivities, hence all the paci's!

Boxing Day arrived with one of the biggest snowfalls we have had in years. Needless to say we bundled Emilie up and we went outside so her and her cousin Joshua could see all the snow!

Mama and Emilie on a little walk.
Andre and I didn't do anything for New Years, but we did manage to sneak out one afternoon shortly after Christmas for a swanky lunch out with friends.

January was a blur. Our little girl brought in the New Year with a new virus. She was not a happy camper when she turned 22 months old.

That virus ended up turning into Pneumonia (BOOOOOOOO!) I will have to say that taking her for a chest x-ray for a diagnosis was worse for me than it was for her. The good news is that the antibiotics cleared everything up very quickly. After an appointment with her Pediatrician for a regular heart murmur check up we got some good news. First, her lungs were clear and they could no longer hear her murmur (YAY!) We still have to take her back in September to double check that the holes in her heart have indeed closed, but it looks very promising.

The appointment ended with a flu shot for little Emilie. We had hoped that by Andre and I as well as her caregivers getting the shot she would have enough immunity, but after one round of pneumonia we weren't willing to take any chances. She was not happy about her needle, so Andre and I bought her some finger paints to cheer her up. She loved playing with her "colours".

Our first painting!
The rest of the month was the usual, with visits from her Nana and Grandpa, and trying to build up her immune system.

Giving her bunny some juice.
We finally turned a corner in February, and Emilie was once again her usual self just in time to turn 23 months old!!

We were healthy once again to enjoy some play dates with friends!

Then it was March. The end of the winter was approaching, as well as the end of having a one year old. Our little girl was TWO. No longer a little baby, or even a toddler. Every day she was getting closer and closer to big girl territory.
Our little girl the day she was born, at one year and now at two years. Someone find a pause button!!

 We got Emilie the Fisher Price My First Dollhouse for her birthday. She loves her house so much.

Even though we were having a birthday party that weekend to celebrate, we decided to have some family  over for her actual birthday. I made a cake while she was napping and we all gathered to sing to her. She was so excited for her "party cake" (every cake makes it a party right?).

Finally it was party day! I decided this year that I did not want to have everyone at the house, so we decided on an indoor playground. The one that we settled on did private parties, so for two hours the place was ours. So we invited all of her friends, and even with a couple unable to make it we still had 9 children, and all of our family and some close friends!

I even made an Elmo cake for the birthday girl!

It's not a birthday without a personalized Elmo shirt right?

Mama and Papa helping the birthday girl blow out her candles.
I can't believe that it is now Spring! I can't wait to see what this season has in store for us!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall 2012 thus far

Let me start by saying this year has been flying by much too quickly. I used to find myself kind of wishing time away before I had Emilie. Counting down till the summer, or the next big vacation. Now that I'm a mom, I find myself trying to savour every single moment. Even on the most frustrating of days I try not to wish away one second with my little girl. Life has other plans and I find that I blink and a week has passed. Okay, not really, but you get the picture.

So now we're into November, the mad dash to Christmas. The summer is over and we're trying to relish every day that it is above freezing so Emilie can spend just one more afternoon outside in the fresh air.

Here are some pictures from our Fall so far:

Emilie and her cousin Joshua helping my dad celebrate his birthday.

Pictures with her Grandpa and her Papa.

Hamming it up with her Uncle at her Great Baba's birthday party.

Emilie and Joshua in their matching Halloween PJ's. We called it "The Skeletwins".

Enjoying some reading.

I think she's seen Mama hang a bag on the back of the stroller a couple times!

Doing some fun at the Pumpkin Patch.

Off to find the perfect Pumpkin.

Our very sick little girl having a little treat after trick or treating at a few houses.

First experience with Play Doh

Having some fun in the leaves.

Some fun with her Grandpa at the park on a warmer day.

Swinging around with her Nana and Grandpa.