Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hello out there!

I don't know whether I still have any readers left after such a long blogger hiatus, but I thought I would post a little update, and let you know of some changes that are happening.

When I fist started blogging all those years ago I had no idea of the changes in store for Andre and I. This blog has been with us through all of them, and I am so incredibly grateful to everyone that followed us on our journey. Don't worry there is nothing drastic going on in our lives, but there are some big blog changes on the horizon.

When we got pregnant with Emilie we started a more public blog, something we could share with our friends and family, Our Little One. Over the last 3+ years I have struggled with the two blogs. With this blog I often felt like there was nothing "exciting" to blog about. With the other public blog I struggled with not enough to blog about since it was just a blog about Emilie. I found myself between a blog and a hard place so to speak.

Which lead me to one of my New Years Resolutions: Blog more!

How do I blog more if I don't know where to blog, and what to blog about? The short answer? Change.

This meant that I needed to combine my blogs, combine my blogging "lives" as it was. The easiest answer seemed to be to add some of what I would normally blog here, to my other blog. So my "new" blog My Life...or something like it was born. It will be the new home for my life with Andre, Emilie, and everything else.

I have decided to keep this blog open. There are still people out there that find my blog entries when doing online searches and I don't want to take this blog away if someone out there finds something I wrote useful to them.

Hopefully one day we will be in a place to add to our family and this will once again become a home for me, but until then I don't think I will be adding any more new posts.

If you are interested in following what is going on with my life head on over to my new home.

My Life...or something like it

I hope to see you there.

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